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Romping with AC Arthur’s Shadow Shifter

Stomp vs Romp  


Want to Romp With A Shadow Shifter? Of course you do! There’s no question that these alpha men can definitely stomp all over their enemies day and night. Just ask Sabar and Rolando. Oh wait, they can’t tell you because they’re dead. So the Shadow Shifters are badass jaguar shifters that you definitely do not want to piss off! But for me, there’s just something much more appealing about them. For all the hype of how deadly their stomp is, it’s the romping skills that they possess that get me…and hopefully the readers…every time. Let’s do a little roll call for the Stateside Shifters…


Roman Reynolds, called the lethal litigator for his smooth, yet deadly, skills in the courtroom. Smooth translates into the bedroom, or should I say the back of his black Suburban with Det. Kalina Harper.


Romp Quote:  “You can’t deny me because that would be like denying yourself.” -Temptation’s Rising, April 2012


Nicholas Delgado, the hunky bachelor attorney that takes no prisoners on the legal field or in the sexual arena, just ask his companheiro, Ary Delgado about the night she visited him in the Gungi rainforest.


Romp Quote:  “Now, I’m here because I want you.”    -Seduction’s Shift, September 2012


Xavier Santos Markland, the brooding FBI agent with a dark past. The epitome of how something bad can turn out to be so good, X takes Celise Delgado to another pleasure-filled plane while staying in the luxurious Perryville Resort in Sedona, Arizona.


Romp Quote:  Definitely,” he confirmed. “It’s the kind of pain that makes you feel so good you want to scream.”   -Passion’s Prey, April 2013


Sebastian Perry, whose hypnotic eyes alone could melt the panties off a nun. But Bas has specific tastes when it comes to females, and journalist Priya Drake soon finds out she’s the perfect flavor.


Romp Quote:  “You can either answer me or fuck me. I’ll let you make the choice.”   -Shifter’s Claim, July 2014    



Shifter's ClaimHalf man, half animal, a Shadow Shifter is sworn to protect females—human or otherwise—from the savage fury of his own nature… Rich, handsome, and successful—hotel magnate Sebastian "Bas" Perry could have any woman he desires. But despite his animal attraction to women, he avoids relationships at all costs. As a Shadow Shifter, he must defend innocent humans from the deadliest of his kind. And the most dangerous game of all is falling in love… It takes a special kind of woman to hunt a predator, to tame the beast—and to capture a man’s heart… Priya Drake is an ambitious reporter hungry for a story. At a presidential fundraiser, she sets her sights on the mysterious and magnetic Bas Perry, a man with a secret she’s determined to uncover. Stalking her prey back to his hotel, the hunter soon becomes the hunted—when Bas takes her in his arms and unleashes the animal within. For Priya, it is more than a night of wild, reckless passion. It’s the story of a lifetime. But can she betray the man she loves? in Shifter’s Claim by A.C. Arthur.

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