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Snagged @ The Library: Heart of Iron by Bec McMaster




I’m so excited. I renewed my library card for the main library for the state and they have TONS of PNR/UF ebooks and audiobooks. In the spirit of saving money this year I’ve challenged myself to read books I already own or get them from the library. So I’m following in the foot steps of Felicia over at Geeky Bloggers Book Blog and showing off my library finds.


This week I snagged HEART OF IRON by Bec McMaster from Central Arkansas Library System via my gateway card.


I love that I can hit the Download button and the book gets delivered straight to my Kindle.


Heart of Iron by Bec McMaster

  • Kindle Price: $6.38
  • Library FREE

Money saved by using my library card: $6.38


Update on my last snagged.  After just listening to a few minutes of FOREPLAY by Sophie Jordan I returned both audio books in the Ivy Chronicles series. WHY? The narrator. I knew within those few minutes that her voice was not going to work for me. So I’m going to revisit FOREPLAY in ebook format in the near future. Which my library has. See, my library card saved me from wasting an audio book credit and will still save me money on the ebook when I try it later.


If you don’t have a library card go get one! They are awesome.


Books added to my library wish list: