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A Romp-o-licious Snippet from ANTE UP by Amanda Carlson


Stomp vs Romp


A sexy snippet from ANTE UP, the third installment of the Sin City Collectors series. ANTE UP releases on 8/18/14. ACES WILD, the first by Amanda, and QUEEN OF HEARTS, by Kristen Painter are both available now.


Queen of Hearts    Aces Wild


Sofia Cabrera is having a very naughty dream about her shifter. Or is she?


Sofia woke with a start, panting.


Her brain felt hazy, but she chalked it up to lack of sleep. She hadn’t gotten a lot in the last few weeks. The move had consumed most of her time, and she was bone-tired. Her house was well warded, and no alarms had been triggered, so she turned and nestled deeper under the covers, pulling her soft duvet cover around her for warmth. She had to cocoon herself against the frigid air conditioning, which she’d have to turn down tomorrow.


It was much too cold in here.


As she drifted back to sleep, she smiled as sensual thoughts of Diesel began to run through her mind again. Her nipples tightened as images of him naked and hard began to infiltrate her consciousness. He paced toward her bed, smiling his lopsided grin, his head angled down as he drank her in from head to toe. Somehow, her covers vanished, but now the cold temp felt delicious as it tickled over her bare breasts. She beamed at him, half-delirious in sleep. “You finally came.”


“Of course I did. I’ve always been yours. You can’t hide from me any longer, my sweet,” he whispered as he bent over the bed.


“Hide from you?” She giggled. “I’m not hiding at all. In fact, I don’t think I could be any more obvious. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m totally in to you.”


He slid into the bed beside her, taking her mouth aggressively, his tongue filling her, stroking against hers desperately. It was a rich, hot kiss, completely intoxicating in every way. She felt drunk as she reached up to run her hands through his hair. She could almost feel it beneath her fingers as she pulled him close.


She moaned against his lips.


“Open up for me,” he growled.


She obliged, spreading her legs for him. She wiggled back and forth, her breath catching as his hand delved between her warm folds. “Oh…” she groaned, her chest heaving upward, her head tumbling back and forth against the pillow.


She always slept naked and she’d never been happier. Her breaths came in shallow gasps as he wrapped his hands around her hips, titling her upward. Her eyes were closed, but she could see him outlined perfectly in her mind. Every detail. He was glorious and so real. His smooth, broad chest felt like heaven beneath her fingertips. His beautiful grin and his green eyes were finally hers for the taking.


The way he was looking down on her seared her to the core.


Lust pooled in his eyes.


She wanted him more than she’d ever wanted anyone in her entire life. “Yes, it has to be you,” she whispered. Her libido shot into overdrive and she allowed herself to become lost to the delicious current that beat through her. “I want this. Please…Diesel…please…”


For a single second, his eyes flickered above her, momentarily going from green to black.



Wait, that wasn’t right.

Sofia tried to wake, but she felt heavy, like her limbs were suddenly made of stone. Her brain was fuzzy again, but this time it wouldn’t clear on its own. She struggled to process what was happening. She was so turned on, it was hard for her to let go of those feelings. She wanted this so badly, needed this release more than anything.


“Yes, my sweet. That’s it, give in to me. Find the pleasure you seek. Only I can give it to you this way…”




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