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Romping with Coreene Callahan. Take the Dragonfury Love Match Quiz


Stomp vs Romp


A huge thanks to The Book Nympho for inviting me to ROMP with you today! I’m psyched to be here, ready to have some fun, and can’t wait for you to try my Dragon-Shifter Love Match Quiz. The objective is to find the one best suited to you. But hold on…hold on just a minute. I know you’re in a hurry to claim a smokin’ hot dragon-shifter, but there are a few ground rules before you begin:


  1. Answer the questions in the Dragonfury Quiz.
  2. Tally your score to Find Your Dragon-Shifter Love Match and read the results.

Now for THE BRIBE! Entered to win signed copies of FURY OF DESIRE (Dragonfury series, book 4) and KNIGHT AVENGED (Circle of Seven Series, book 2). I’m also tossing in an audiobook of my medieval romance, Warrior’s Revenge, an awesome Dragonfury travel mug, and all kinds of other cool dragon swag!


All right? All good? Okay, then…let the love connections begin!




To take the quiz and enter the giveaway head over to TheBookNympho.com and don't forget to VOTE for TEAM ROMP.