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Shane and Maya from Vampire Trouble Stops by for Q & A


Do Shane with you being a flying vampire have you ever joined the mile high club in your 400 years?


Shane: A gentleman never kisses and tells but I will say this….before I met Maya, I’d never even considered it. And now…well…let’s say…it’s been considered.


What is your most fondest memory you have during your long life?


Shane: As a sentry, one of the elite enforcers for the vampire government, The Presidium, I have had little time to create fond memories. Vivid ones, yes, but not truly fond ones. At least, not until I met Maya. I think my fondest memory with her, and there have been many, was watching her master her skills in battle. Her abilities have grown at an unprecedented rate and to witness her embrace her powers so completely and effortlessly has been not only a pleasure but an honor.


If you could day walk what place would you take Maya on vacation?


Shane: Ah yes. Daywalking. Someplace peaceful. The mountains perhaps. I want to take her somewhere that I could have her all to myself. Let’s just say…I don’t like to share.


What do you miss most from your human life?


Maya: Nothing. Seriously. Not a thing. I guess you could say I didn’t really start living until I became a vampire.


What are you looking for in a mate?


Maya: A modern day partner. I want someone who will treat me as his equal but still exhibit chivalry and hold a door or two open. I guess I want it all….


What’s your favorite thing about being a vampire?


Maya: Not aging it pretty freaking awesome and not worrying about gaining weight doesn’t suck either but probably being able to fly. I never have to sit in traffic again. That’s badass.


Which is your favorite, New York or New Orleans?


Maya: New York. Definitely. There’s always something happening and it’s a gateway to the rest of the world.


Shane: Anywhere that Maya is.



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