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What the Feck (WTF): Let’s Talk History Eras in Romance.

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What the Feck?! (WTF?!) is where we discuss bookish topics that had us thinking WTF?! while reading a book, talking to others in the book community or book news. Stop by on Mondays for new topics.


History Eras:

Which ones would make great Paranormal Romances?


While reading Jenn Bennett’s Roaring Twenties series (which is fabulous!) I got to thinking why hasn’t anyone else wrote about this era in PNR yet? I’m sure someone has but this is my first time reading it. The 20s was a big era in American history. There was sex, violence and women were starting to get a bit of freedom. It’s a very exciting time to read about.


There are more eras in American or even World history that needs to be written into the PNR world. Here are a few I think would be fun to read about.

Sheriff Bullock from HBO’s Deadwood


1930 – Could lend itself to war romances. Maybe an underground paranormal agency within WWII. Why not? Comics books has done it, why not PNR?


1950 - Elvis Gyrates on Ed Sullivan’s Show. Think of the movieGrease and throw in a paranormal element. Or those parts of Back to the Future when Marty was at the sock hop with his parents.


Or let’s go further back to the mid to late 1800s. Western time PNR. I’m a big fan of HBO’s Deadwood. It was a great show. It had Jim Beaver (Bobby from Supernatural) Timothy Olyphant (Rylan fromJustified). America was dark and gritty during those days. I would totally read a PNR series about characters similar to Wild Bill Hickok, Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, and the like. Nothing like a law man or a man running from the law falling in love with a saloon girl or the law man’s daughter. Through some fur, fangs and/or magic into the mix, win!


I guess what I want more of is what I think of as “Modern” Historical Paranormal Romance. All the Dukes, Earls and such don’t interest me and I think they are over done. With the exception of  Kirsten Callihan’s Darkest London series and Bec McMaster’s London Steampunk series.



Are any already out there and I’m just missing them? If so PLEASE let me know in the comments.
What eras would you be interested in reading about?