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Question: Have You Started Looking At Things Differently Since Reading Romance?

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I’ve always had a dirty mind, it’s kind of what Quebecers are known for… poutine, sex and hockey. LOL Reading romance has probably brought it out more, but I think the foundation was already there. I suspect that the genre has done more for my pervy vocabulary than anything else. Before romance I had no idea what MMM (male male male), BYOT (bring your own toys) or TPE (total power exchange) was. I also didn’t know that so many words existed in the English language that can be used to describe man and lady bits.

Every so often I’ll giggle when I come across something in real life that reminds me of a sexy scene I read recently in a book—whether it be chocolate cake (Werewolf in Last Vegas by Vicki Lewis Thompson) or seaweed (Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler). Now, I don’t consume A LOT of erotica, and paranormal romance is pretty tame in comparison, so I’m positive that there are plenty of readers out there who have a leg-up on me in this (*cough* Jennifer from The Book Nympho). I guess I can’t take 100% credit for my one-track mind because reading romance most certainly has made it worse, or better? It all depends on how you look at it!

Have You Started Looking At Things Differently Since Reading Romance?

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