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Audio Review: Dating Dr. Notorious by Donna McDonald


I received this book for free from Audiobookjukebox.com in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Audio Review: Dating Dr. Notorious by Donna McDonaldby Donna McDonald 
Series: Never Too Late #2 
Rating: B Narration: B- 
Narrator: Anne Johnstonbrown 
Published by Donna McDonald on 12-05-13 
Genres: Contemporary Romance 
Format: Audiobook 
Length: 8 hrs 
Source: Audiobookjukebox.com 
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Being the best in her field doesn't seem to help famously successful sex therapist, Dr. Regina Logan, who manages to fix everyone’s love life but her own. Men won't date her. Her brutal honesty about physical matters intimidates most males. It also doesn’t help her love life that the press publishes every dating move she makes. Though she knows her negative publicity is the biggest problem, Regina thinks its still ironic for a 47 year old woman to be so knowledgeable about pleasing a man when there’s no lover in her life to benefit.

Since most men have a tendency to run away before making it as far as her bed, it is definitely no surprise to Regina when "nice guy" Ben Kaiser rejects her after discovering her identity. But it still hurts. Ben’s kisses promise fulfillment of every fantasy she’s ever had, but no matter how great he is, Regina would be the first to admit there’s no room in her crazy public life for someone as nice as Ben.


First Impression:


A mature Sex and the City.


If college age romances are call New Adult what would late 40s to early 50s be called, Old Adult? LOL


The Narration:


Anne Johnstonbrown does an ok job with the narration but her voice was a little off putting because it sounded too mature. Yeah sure the characters are knocking on the big 5-0 door but they are sexy men and women and I feel like Anne’s voice would be better suited for a sweet romance instead of a hot romance. It was almost like listening to my grandmother reading the book to me and it took me out of the hot moments.


What I liked:


I love Regina. She’s a sex therapist and that is very plan spoken. Anyone that shouts “holy shit” when she sees that the man she’s about to sleep with is well-endowed, is fun in my book.

I like that Donna McDonald shows women in their mid to late forties can still be sexy and looking for a HEA. It’s refreshing to read a romance in a different age group than me, that’s not YA or NA. I’m in my 30s and it’s nice to think that when I hit my 40s that I can still be dirty like the gals are. LOL


What I didn’t like:


The word notorious was used WAY TOO MANY times. If I heard it once I heard it a thousand times. Sure the word is in the title, Dating Dr. Notorious but come on. Who really talks about themselves and friends as being notorious? Try using some other words like infamous, scandalous, well-known, etc. There’s using a keyword from the book title then theirs beating someone over the head with it.

Will I continue this series:


Yes. Fun and flirty romance series but best read. I can’t wait to see the uptight, Lauren get her own HEA in book 3, Dating A Saint. But I’ll be reading it instead listening to the audio.




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