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What the Feck (WTF): Ratings & Gifs


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What the Feck?! (WTF?!) is where we discuss bookish topics that had us thinking WTF?! while reading a book, talking to others in the book community or book news. Stop by on Mondays for new topics.


Make it Stop! 


I’m sick of seeing ratings on books BEFORE they are available. I’m not talking about books that people are reading because they received an ARC. I’m talking about people rating (positive and negative) books before they are available. I’m talking as soon as a book is announced.


I’m seeing it all over Goodreads.


Ok so post a comment about how excited or pissed you are about an upcoming book. Fine. But don’t give it a rating. You’ve NOT READ it yet.


Oh and authors, don’t rate your own book as 5 stars (or any stars for that matter), it just comes off as tacky IMO.


Although this bugs the ever living crap out of me let’s move on to what makes me want to stick a pen in my eye….





Make it stop (GIF) by Mariijosee


Here is where I’m sure I’ll insult a few people (so sorry in advance)…


Make them STOP! You are clearly literate or you would not be reading books and a member of a book site like Goodreads. So if you can read please use your words to express how you feel about a book in your review. NO you don’t have to write an award winning review (lawd knows I don’t) but to use a GIF in every one of your reviews makes me not read your thoughts about the book.


If you choose to use GIFS remember less is more. I’ve seen some GIFS that summed up my thoughts on a book and I laughed my ass off about it. But when you use TONS of them it’s just….


Am I being too bitchy about this or do you feel the same way?
Source: http://thebooknympho.com/2014/03/what-the-feck-wtf-ratings-gifs/#comment-12430