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Review: All He Ever Needed by Shannon Stacey


Review: All He Ever Needed by Shannon StaceyAll He Ever Needed by Shannon Stacey 
Series: Kowalski Family #4 
Rating: A 
Published by Carina Press on 09-10-2012 
Genres: Contemporary Romance 
Format: eBook 
Pages: 274 
Source: Borrowed 
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Shannon Stacey continues to do an excellent job with Kowalski Family! She continues to bring fun and smart characters within touching and sexy romances. 


We first saw Mitch Kowalski in the last book, Yours to Keep and I couldn’t wait to see how the Kowalskis in Maine were going to stake up to the Kowalskis in Connecticut.


I love a story where the guy is a man whore that finally falls in love. Mitch Kowalski is the man whore of his home town, Whitford, Maine. Every since high school Mitch has sown his wild oats with the gals in town. He can’t walk into any public place where he doesn’t hear old stories about his wild times keep the ladies happy.


“Honey, if you got an innie and not an outtie between your legs, he’s interested.”

Mitch has stayed away from Whitford for 3 years because of that very fact. It’s a small town where everyone knows your name and past history. Mitch is back to help his brother, Josh out with the family lodge when he runs into the pretty new owner of the local diner, Paige. Mitch goes into his usually love them and leave them mode. He does all he can to wear Paige down to get her to have a little fun with him while he’s in town for the month or so.


Paige has been turning guys left and right after arriving in Whitford two years ago. She’s doesn’t want to turn into her mother, which is the type of woman who needs a man. Paige puts up a good fight when it comes to Mitch but one thing leads to another and the couple starts spending time together.


“Men are a luxury, not a necessity.”

“But you want a man, right?”

“Not especially.”

“Who opens jars for you?”

” I have a little gadget that does that.”

“But…” He grinned. “What about sex?”

“I have a little gadget that does that, too.”


Since All He Ever Needed had a different narrator I choose to read it instead of listening to the audio book. I missed listening to Lauren Fortgang bring the characters to life. But now I know it’s not just Fortgang’s narration that keeps me coming back to the series. Shannon Stacey’s writing will keep me coming back every time whither I experience it through reading or listening. 


I can’t wait to listen to the next book, All He Ever Desired. It’s about Mitch’s brother, Ryan. We found out in All He Ever Needed that Ryan has a bug up his butt about something when he comes home to visit and stays way from town when possible. Mitch thinks it has something to do with Lauren Carpenter and I can’t wait to see what that couple’s story is. 

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