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What the Feck (WTF): Book Trading

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Let’s Trade! 


I set a personal goal for myself to not spend money on books and read the books I already own. I don’t do a lot of rereading so in order to clear off my physical bookshelf I need to do something with my paperbacks as I read them. I have a local used bookstore but honestly you don’t get much of a return on your books when you sell or trade them.


After talking with The Book Vixen on Twitter I decided to create a Google spreadsheet to share with other bloggers/readers that want to swap their books. Each person will have their own sheet on the spreadsheet so others can see what books they have to swap.



It will be up to the people swapping to agree on the swap process. I recommend swapping at least 2 books at a time to cover the cost of shipping. If you mail your books using media mail (US) then the cost is usually under $4.00. So you would get 2 books for that price.


If you’re interested in adding your books/audio book CDs to the spread sheet just email me your list, name and email address you want to be contacted at. I’ll add your info to the spreadsheet then share it with you so that you can update your own sheet.



 Trading Sites:


We’ve added a brand new book trading system to bookblogging.net!  You can list a book for trade, other users can create offers on that trade, and you can choose which ones to accept or reject.  Start listing your books to swap with other book bloggers!


Simple, Secure, Fast, and Free

By Joining BooksFreeSwap, you’ll become part of a community of book lovers and audibook listeners. Our simple swap process will help you get rid of those books you have, and get books you want, with no direct swap requirement.  Recipient Pays for Postage.



How you do you clear your physical books off your shelf?

Trade? Sell? Donate?

Interested in adding your books on the swap spreadsheet? 


Source: http://thebooknympho.com/2014/01/what-the-feck-wtf-trading-books