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Review: Justice by Jennifer Harlow

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Review: Justice by Jennifer HarlowJustice by Jennifer Harlow 
Series: Galilee Falls Trilogy #1 
Rating: B 
Published by Devil on the Left Books on May 22, 2013 
Genres: Fantasy NoirUrban Fantasy 
Format: eBook 
Pages: 284 pages 
Source: Author 
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Justice is my first foray into comic book novel world. But when I saw Jennifer Harlow’s name on it I knew I had to give it a go.


Some of you might see comic book and think it’s not for you. But really don’t let the term scare you off. And urban fantasy fan will enjoy the plot, world and characters that Jennifer Harlow has brought to life.


Justice has it all; mystery, romance, suspense, villains and …. superheroes. As in like Superman and much like Superman I can’t believe that the heroine didn’t know Justice’s true identity. I had it figured out pretty quickly but that’s true for a lot of books or TV shows I read or watch. There was still that point when I thought maybe it’s this person in still of that one. I like that Harlow had me seconding guessing myself. If it was too perceptible I would have been bored.

I didn’t know how thick the plot would be with the superhero angle and I was pleasantly surprised it was not the biggest element. Sure the supervillian sprays acid from his wrists and the hero wears a custom to hide who he is. But Justice is a normal guy that just happens to have powers. Throw some fur or fangs on him and you would have the same type of hero in any Urban Fantasy novel.


I must warn you that Justice has some dark sides to the plot. There’s a murder scene that stuck with me for most of the book like it did with the heroine, Joanna. But I feel like to was necessary have our hero and heroine really hit rock bottom in order to add to the depth of their characters. And it happens off-page and we only see the aftermath of it.


Our heroine, Joanna is a Detective on the Galilee Falls Police Dept. Joanna is a strong, smart ass, and emotionally messed up heroine. She’s great at her job and she loyal and takes no bull from anyone. But sometimes that’s her down fall as well. Jo is so used to not letting people in that she has missed out on some things in life by waiting on her best friend to love her the way she has loved him the last 20 years.

But that’s when her boss Harry comes in. They have been secretly dating for about 5 months but Jo knows that in order to make their relationship really work she must let go of her feelings for her BFF, Justin.


Jennifer Harlow has entertained me once again I’ll be continuing with book 2, Galilee Rising. Look for that review soon.



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