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Review and Giveaway | What Piper Needs by Amanda Abbott


What Piper Needs by Amanda Abbott


I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. No compensation was provided and all opinions are strictly my own.




What Piper Needs by Amanda AbbottWhat Piper Needs by Amanda Abbott
Series: Pushing the Boundaries #2
Published by Amanda Abbott on June 1st 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 276 pages
Source: Author
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Piper and Michael Collins have it all. They’re in love, both have successful jobs, live in a nice neighborhood, and have a great sex life—that is, up until recently. Over the past six months everything has started to drag. Even though they’ve led an “extracurricular” lifestyle for a long time, things have gotten boring.

It’s up to Piper to liven her marriage up, which she does with a little encouragement from her pal Caroline at their weekly STD happy hours. She jumps in without pause and sparks between she and Michael fly. First with hot selfies, office sex, and later with some much needed risk-taking.

From there, Piper and Michael make a Top Ten Sex List and start ticking off their wildest fantasies. Piper is fearless, but when they both arrive at Michael's number ten, is Piper really ready?

*This book is super steamy hot, filled with out-of-the-box moments. The book contains: explicit sex, hardcore toys, and group sex.


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I’ve loving the Pushing the Boundaries series by Amanda Abbott so much! Why? Because it focuses on married couples that are trying to reconnect in their sexual needs and wants after being together for a few years. And each couple is at a different point in their relationship and it’s gratifying to see what happens with a couple after they’ve had their HEA. Marriage is all about work to keep things interesting. And boy are these marriages interesting!


What Piper Needs followings Caroline and Jace from book 1, What Caroline Wants, neighbors, Piper and Michael. Through Caroline and Jace’s eyes, Piper and Michael seemed to have the sex part of their marriage figured out and where old pros at the lifestyle. Piper was freely giving out advice to Caroline but as Piper’s story unfolds we find out that she and Michael’s marriage like everyone else’s is not perfect.


In fact Piper hasn’t had an orgasm in a long time and even though she is very out spoken about sex she has closed herself off to it in many ways after a bad experience a few years ago when she and Michael had a night with another couple.


Michael and Piper are both worried about the slump they’ve been in but neither really knows how to fix it. Their biggest issue is not communicating with each other. Piper is afraid to talk about their issues for fear of making Michael unhappy and Michael only wants to make Piper happy but he’s not sure that is anymore.


Even though some of the sex is over the top (but really, really hot) I connected with Piper and Michael like they were real people. The issues they have are real issues that you would find in any marriage and it was great to see them work through their issues to be a better couple by the end of the book. I felt all the emotions that they were feeling from loneliness, lust and finally enjoy. Amanda Abbott does a remarkable job bring these couples to life and making me care about their happiness. I can’t wait to read more on the other couples that are introduced in pieces in series so far.


I highly recommend What Piper Needs to all those married romance readers out there. I think you will really connect with these characters and their problems. You don’t have to be in the lifestyle of group sex, sex clubs or the like to get what Piper and Michael are going through. Sure the series has tons of sex involved but at the heart of it, it about working on ones marriage and getting to that place where you are open and honest with your partner.


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