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I Wanted To Like Night Rising By Chris Marie Green


I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. No compensation was provided and all opinions are strictly my own.


I wanted to like Night Rising by Chris Marie GreenNight Rising by Chris Marie Green
Series: Vampire Babylon #1
Narrator: Khristine Hvam
Published by Audible on 01-14-15 | 02-06-07
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: Audiobook
Length: 11 hrs and 38 mins
Source: Publisher
Audiobook | Goodreads
Stuntwoman Dawn Madison hasn't been on the best of terms with her father since her movie star mother died. Still, he is her dad, and when he vanishes while investigating the bizarre sighting - caught on film - of a supposedly long-dead child star, she comes home to Tinseltown to join the search for him. Working with his odd colleagues, she discovers an erotic and bloody underground society made up of creatures she thought existed only on the screen.




Disclaimer: I DNF Night Rising with about 4 hours left in the audio.


I’ve had the Vampire Babylon series on my radar for a few years now, even before I started blogging. I ran across the series in one of my Shelfari groups back in 2010. I marked it as “same day” series to read. Once I saw that the series was released on audio and narrated by one of my favorite narrators, Khristine Hvam, I knew I had to finally try Night Rising.


The best part of Night Rising was narrator, Hvam. She is the real reason I DNF it sooner. So why did I have issues with it?


mommy issues


From the book summary: Stuntwoman Dawn Madison hasn’t been on the best of terms with her father since her movie star mother died.


Dawn’s mother died not to long after giving birth. I think Dawn was like a month old. So clearly Dawn never met her mother but because the mother was a Marilyn Monroe type and Dawn was a total opposite, lived in her shadow. Ok I guess that could give a kid a complex but really I thought her mommy issues was a little over board.


the voice


Dawn is working with her dad’s co-workers to find him after he goes missing. Frank (Dawn’s dad) is a PI and his boss, Mr. Limpet (But don’t call him that for some reason. Yeah I didn’t get why everyone kept telling Dawn not to call him by Limpet. Just another confusing thing.) Limpet is a paranormal version of “Charlie” from Charlie’s Angels. Instead of a voice coming from a speakerphone, he’s voice comes from a TV and he uses the TV to hear and see with but you don’t see him.


weird “sex”


Dawn either has a really high sexual drive or she’s a succubus and doesn’t know it?! She hooks up with The Voice (Limpet) but they are not even in the same room. He gets her off with his pyschic ability. Ok I’ve read PNR with the dude can do that but he was always in the room with the chick and it was added into the physical act. Dawn kept thinking about how she need to recharge with sex. I don’t know maybe in future books this is explained, like maybe Dawn’s a succubus??



Night Rising was not exactly what I was expecting. The premise was interesting, I mean a stunt woman turned vampire slayer that didn’t know that supernaturals were real sounds fun right? Khristine Hvam is what drawled me to the audio and the reason I continued to listen as long as I did but sadly even a favorite narrator could not make me care about the Dawn enough to want to finish the audio.