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Review + Giveaway | Soulbound by Kristen Callihan





I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. No compensation was provided and all opinions are strictly my own.


Soulbound by Kristen CallihanSoulbound by Kristen Callihan
Series: Darkest London #6
Published by Forever on 02-24-2015
Genres: Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
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Once two souls are joined...

When Adam's soul mate rejected him, there was more at stake than his heart. After seven hundred years of searching, his true match would have ended the curse that keeps his spirit in chains. But beautiful, stubborn Eliza May fled—and now Adam is doomed to an eternity of anguish, his only hope for salvation gone...

Their hearts will beat together forever...

No matter how devilishly irresistible Adam was, Eliza couldn't stand the thought of relinquishing her freedom forever. So she escaped. But she soon discovers she is being hunted—by someone far more dangerous. The only man who can help is the one man she vowed never to see again. Now Adam's kindness is an unexpected refuge, and Eliza finds that some vows are made to be broken...


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Kristen Callihan has done it again, another 5 star read for me! Soulbound might be the 6th book in the Dark London series but it’s fresh and entertaining. There’s no rise and repeat formula at play with the Darkest London series.


Kristen Callihan shared on her Facebook Page about how she wanted to make each book in the series to be different and have their on feel. She has delivered and I love picking up the next book for this fact. Yes there is a connections within the world and yes earlier characters pop up from for cameos but truly each book and couple do have their own feel.


We first meet Eliza toward the end of the previous novel, Evernight but Adam’s been around since book


I knew going in that Eliza and Adam was going to have to work for their HEA since Eliza refused to even speak to Adam when we last saw them at the end of Evernight. Why the silent treatment? Well let’s see, Adam made a deal with Eliza to bring her back to life but she didn’t know that it included being chained to Adam’s side.


Why was Adam a douche to Eliza? Well he didn’t chain her up in the fun way. Adam’s known since he first saw Eliza that she was his soul mate. But instead of wooing her, he pulls a caveman act. Eliza wasn’t haven’t it. Months later we find the couple living alone but eventually coming back together.


Adam does his best to atone for the wrongs he did to Eliza while they work together to bring down the Fae Queen bitch and her brother. Not to mention something is up with the GIM.


I loved getting Adam’s backstory and he went from arse to swoon worthy leading man.

He sank to his knees before her. She gave a little squeak of surprise when he pressed his forehead between the soft pillows of her breasts. But she did not push him away. Adam knelt, his neck exposed, his hands at his side. “What kin I had have long since turned to bones. I’m no longer a knight but a broken-down shadow of that man. Hardly worthy to be your champion.”

He glanced up then, forcing himself to meet her eyes. “But Eliza May, your champion, I am. Upon the souls of the only ones that mean anything to me, my children, the ghosts in the machine, I swear, while there is breath left in my body, I will protect you.”

Adam and Eliza’s chemistry was front and center. They had sexual tension and fun banter. Two MUSTs for a great couple.

“Shall I leave you two alone, then?”

“Quiet woman, a man’s relationship with his sword is a sacred thing.”

“So I’ve heard.”

“Saucy wench.”

It’s clear that the next story (and last, sniff!) is Sin’s, brother and cousin to most of the leading ladies in the series. (Seriously the connections that were made over the series was written well and woven together like a master weaver.) Sin’s book, Forevermore doesn’t have a scheduled release date yet but I’m hoping we get it later this year.  Until then I’m going to back track and read the novella, Entwined.









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