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this week jonetta and i are talking about fifty shades of grey the movie. i’m taking the side of someone who has not read the books and jonetta the resident fifty reader.




I have not read Fifty Shades of Grey. Not because I don’t like erotic romance, I do. Not because I don’t like D/s, I do. I put off reading it because I heard the writing was horrible and after reading some excerpts I had to agree. So I thought I’d see the movie instead in hopes that screen writing would be better and with a shorter version the story would be better.

what i liked:

  • Dakota Johnson – I’ve never seen her in anything and I thought she pulled the part off well.
  • Jamie Dornan – his ass*
  • Soundtrack – there was some pretty good music

what i didn’t like:

  • *Bush but no twig and berries? We get Dakota’s rather large nipples (seriously she must have had a nipple tweaker on hand for those scenes) in our face like 70% of the movie but all we get of Jamie’s man bits is hair and just a peek of “the root”. BTW for the next movie (and your wife) trim that bush!
  • Later Babes – yeah I get Grey used it as a joke against is brother but really once was enough
  • Jamie Dornan sans beard – I prefer the look he had in Once Upon a Time
  • yeah let’s just get that v-tag out-of-the-way – WHY would Christian think that bring a virgin into this world would go smoothly?
  • Christian came off as a stalker in the movie. Much like say, Edward did in the Twilight movie. But I’m sure that’s because we lost a lot of things in the movie do to time.

Let me tell ya, the fact that my friend and I had the whole back row to ours was nice until these two OLD women came in a sit next to us. Really grandmas, are you here to see what your preacher has his Hanes in a bunch about? LOL

Final Thought:

I will say that I didn’t find the movie that sexy. I’ve read a lot of erotic books and I find them very sexy. I’m afraid seeing it on the big screen made it too vanilla since you don’t get all the details you get in books. The sex scenes are probably sexier in the book.

I’m afraid people that doesn’t read this genre of books that saw the movie were let down maybe. I’m hoping that they will pick up a book within the genre to get more of the D/s world. Because the movie made it feel very clinical.

Over all I enjoyed the movie more than I thought, I would. I went in with no expectations and now because of that damn cliffhanger ending I’m rethinking reading the books.



There is a great (and funny!) podcast over at XOXO After Darkcast about the movie. You should go listen to it. I agreed so much with the ladies on it. “Stunt nipples” LOL



I have read the entire trilogy so I was able to compare the movie to the books. Many have criticized the writing but there are some serious elements of interest. For one, the email communications between Christian and Ana are real highlights…it’s where she shines. I wasn’t sure how that could be captured on film.

what i liked:

  • I agree with Jennifer. Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson’s baby girl Dakota gave an impressive performance. This is her first major film and she captured the role. (Jennifer here – I had no idea she was their daughter.)
  • It follows the book pretty closely, which is important, especially for the story that follows this one.
  • Jamie Dornan. So many couldn’t visualize him as Christian. He nails him.
  • Gorgeous visuals. Christian’s apartment is just as I imagined it, better.
  • The email communications were incorporated well!


what i didn’t like:

  • What happened to Ana’s job????
  • Cliffhanger ending, even though I knew it was coming.
  • I watch the BBC series The Fall so it took a minute for me to shift from creepy Jamie to sexy Jamie.


Final Thought:

I was pleased with the final production, from the acting to set design and casting. The dialogue could be better but it worked. I enjoyed the books and will watch all three films if they produce them.


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