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Talking Between Reads (TBR): Scribd.com


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Today’s TBR post is a product review of sorts. I was not contacted by Scribd.com to write my “review”. This is a service I tried out for myself and thought I would share my honest opinion about it with my readers.



After learning that Scrib.com now offers audiobooks I jumped at the chance of trying them out during the free trial to see if they had audiobooks that I couldn’t get at my library.


I had some issues with the app playing audiobooks from time to time. Like stopping or skipping. I was almost finished with an audiobook I was listening to and decided to finish it up on my laptop while I was formatting blog posts. I had the same issues while streaming the audiobook from my laptop which makes me think it’s not the app that had the bugs in it. But good news I didn’t have to find my place within the audiobook when I moved from listening on my phone to my laptop. They were synced and I could pick up where I left off.


Audiobooks are new to Scribd so maybe over time they will work the bugs out of the system.

Some audiobooks I listened to via Scribd.com




The only down side to the ebooks was the limitation to how you can read them. It would be nice to be able to read them on my Kindle Paperwhite or even my Nook Color. But you can only read them online through your web browser or their app. Which can be downloaded to iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire.


Now my hubs has an iPad so I guess I could read them that way if I want to wait around for when he’s not using it. Or I can read on my laptop and that’s what I did with the limited ebooks. I don’t like to read on my laptop since I read a computer screen 9 hours a day at work. (That’s the reason I bought a Kindle Paperwhite to give my eyes a break.)

So unless there are some ebooks I’m dying to read, I would not keep my membership with Scribd.com just for the ebooks selection.



Is this membership right for ME?

Not at this time.


While the selection is pretty good, most of the books I would want I can get through my library system or I already have. I’ll use my membership until the free trail runs out then I’m going to cancel for now. If I exhaust my library’s selection or I notice that Scribd has some audiobooks that my library doesn’t carry then I may revisit a membership with them.


One thing that I liked was they have new releases. I was able to listen to HARD TO COME BY by Laura Kaye the week it was released instead of having to wait weeks/months for my library to get it on audiobook.


Another thing I liked about Scrib vs my library is that I don’t have to wait for someone to return a title that I want. It appears there’s no limit or wait time on books. At least I didn’t encounter that with the titles I “checked out”.


Is this membership right for YOU?

Could be. If your library system doesn’t have a great selection then the $8.99 a month might be worth it. Especially if you read a lot, making the monthly fee worth it. With “regular” ebook prices being anywhere from $5-$10 and you read say 8 books a month then $8.99 is cheaper than $80 if you were buying every ebook you read and they were on the higher end of the price range.


If you’re like me and want to save on audiobooks, $8.99 is a great price for unlimited audiobooks if your library doesn’t have the best selection.


I’d Recommend it!

I would recommend Scribd.com to readers, who do not have access to a great public library system and is looking to save money on ebooks and audiobooks.


Give Scribd.com a try for yourself. Their free 3 months trail is valid until Oct. 2015!



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