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Talking Between Reads (TBR): Jennifer’s 2015 Blogging/Reading Goals



Talking Between Reads (TBR) is a weekly discussion post where we talk about different topics from books to blogging and anything else we think you guys might enjoy. Stop by on Mondays for new topics.


Jennifer’s 2015 Goals


Blogging Goals:


Shorter reviews–I played with ‘Tweet It” Reviews in 2014. Reviews where I tell what I thought in 140 characters (give or take). I’ll be doing more of those in 2015. (This idea was inspired by Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog’s Rate it File it reviews.)


Series reviews-90% of my reading is series. And it gets harder and harder to write a review for each book in a series. Especially for UF genre where the series is about the same Hero/Heroine. So for shorter series and older series that are done, I’ll write series reviews. I’ll also use this for audiobook series with the same narrator.


New Challenge– Snagged @ The Library Reading Challenge with The Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog. I had fun co-hosting the Library event back in September with Felicia. We decided to make it a yearly challenge to read books from the library. It’s a great way to save money!


New Monthly Feature – Like This, Like That / Can’t Get Enough of… (still working on name) once a month we will give you recommendations on books, authors, series that are similar. First up is “Can’t Get Enough of Small Town Romances” scheduled to post January 16th.



2015 Top Picks – I will be keeping a running list of our top reads for 2015. I’ve created a page (points up to menu bar) so you guys can see our picks for each month through-out the year.


Blogging vacations– It felt good to take basically a month off last summer and let Jonetta run her own event (Hot & Deadly). I’m going to take a few weeks here and there off and let the other ladies entertain you. After all I get vacations at my REAL job so why not take vacations from my HOBBY!


More of the Same:


Mondays – Talking Between Reads (TBR)

Audiobook Challenge is back for 2015 with co-host Hot Listens

June –  Audiobook Month, I’ve not decide yet if this will be a week-long event instead of a full month

August – Stomp vs Romp with Rabid Reads

September – Library Sign Up Month, again this will probably be a week instead of a month-long event

December –  Mistletoe Madness with That’s What I’m Talking About


Personal Reading Goals:


Read more off my TBR– I have tons of paperbacks/ebooks to read off my shelf so I’m going to be reading/reviewing off of my TBR shelf. Remember my TBR Jar? Yeah it’s going to get used hard in 2015.


Goodreads Reading Challenge – I’ve been doing it since 2011 and each year my goal number increases. (2011 – 111/100, 2012 – 117/115,  2013 – 143/140 & 2014 – 172/165) For 2015 I’m going set my goal at 175.


Use my library system more in 2015 to save money. I have an awesome library system with TONS of PNR/UF ebooks/audios. Since I can listen to more books than I can read do to the fact I can listen at work ‘ll use the audio section to help me “cheat” on my TBR Jar. If they have a book I have in print/ebook on audio then I’m going to listen to it.


Stay up to date on my Netgalley account. It’s way to easy to one click those egalleys. I went through a deleted most of the egalleys on my account and kept the ones I KNOW I will read. I will only use Netgalley for new releases in series I’m already reading or 1st in series I want to start. No more grabbing books because they have pretty covers.


More UF/PNR–I read a lot of contemporary romances in 2014. I like the genre and will continue to read from it but 98% of my TBR pile is UF/PNR so you’ll see more of those kind of reviews in 2015.


Put my Audible account on hold. WHAT?! Yeah you read that correctly. I have a pile of audiobooks already on my account that I need to listen to before I buy more. I also need to play catch up on my audios I have for review. So no new audios until I’m caught up. Plus by using my library system more I’ll have access to tons of audios that way for FREE.


What are some of your 2015 Goals?