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Talking Between Reads (TBR): Audio Book Rentals

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Audio Book Rentals


There's so many services out there for renting ebooks: Kindle Unlimited, Scribd, Oyster, etc. Which I say why not use your library system for free? True not all library systems have a great selection. I was looking around my usual audio book sites and landed on Downpour.com and found out they have audio rentals.  



Much like renting ebooks, I say again why rent? Sure you get them at a discounted price but you don't get to keep them.



Using ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE as an example you would save $9.01 if you rent instead of buying. Yes that's a nice savings but you don't get to keep the audio. But if I'm honest, out of the TONS of audios I own I would only re-listen to a few of them. Just like all the ebooks I own. This service would be great for people that want to try audio books out and don't have the access to a great selection at their library. While this program is not for me*, it may be just the thing for you.  



Scribd now has audiobooks.


$8.99 a month (they are offering 3 month FREE right now) of unlimited ebooks and audiobooks. I browse the audio selection and here are a few romance/fantasy authors that are available in audiobooks.



Again many of the audios I was interested in I can get at my library for free but if your library selection is not great these services might work for you.  


Would you rent an audio book?  



Source: http://wp.me/p3GvSV-3Pw