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Sexy Dancer Meets Alpha Solider in A Beautiful Distraction by Kelsie Leverich


Sexy Dancer Meets Alpha Solider in A Beautiful Distraction by Kelsie LeverichA Beautiful Distraction by Kelsie Leverich
Series: Hard Feelings #3
Narrator: Abby Craden
Published by Blackstone Audiobooks on 05-06-14
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: Audiobook
Length: 9 hrs and 16 mins
Source: Audiobookjukebox.com
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First Sergeant Rafe Murano did everything to the extreme. He trained harder, he fought harder, and, unfortunately, he loved harder. Because when he fell for the wrong woman it nearly destroyed him.

Home from a deployment, and without his missions to consume him, Murano is ravaged by memories of his heartbreak. So he drinks until he s numb and drowns himself in meaningless one night stands. But they only take the edge off until he meets Fallon.

Haunted by her past, Fallon Kelly knows all too well about the desperate desire for an escape. So when she sees the tatted-up bad boy who s one more punch away from a ride in the back of a squad car, she offers a distraction but he quickly becomes an addiction.

Little does she know that this bad boy could love so hard it could break her.




First Impression:


I love the team of author, Kelsie Leverich and narrator, Abby Craden. Leverich writes great heroines and alphas and Craden brings those characters to life in a raw and sexual manner.


What I liked:


Usually in romances one of the characters within the couple is broken but in A BEAUTIFUL DISTRACTION both Fallon and Rafe are broken and dealing with their past.

Fallon’s pass is heart breaking it was great to see her handle it with strength and allow the people closet to her in to help when she needed it.


Rafe was so sexy, strong and heart touching with the drama he was dealing with from his past.


Fall and Rafe really were made for each other and what started out as a distraction from their crappy pasts grew into a beautiful romance.


What I didn’t like:


Nothing really. This was a great romance that brought two damage people together for a HEA.




The sound quality of the audio was great. You could not pick out any stops in recording or changes in volume. That really bugs me when it happens. Abby Craden is a great narrator for romances. And the sexier the book the hotter she does with the narration. She has a great deep and smoky voice that she pulls the male voices off well while making the females sound like Jessica Rabbit. LOL



About Kelsie Leverich

Kelsie Leverich

Kelsie Leverich grew up in the small town of St. Joseph Illinois before getting married and following her husband from one Army post to another. After eight years, they finally settled down in Avon, Indiana with two adorable knuckleheads that are better known as her kids. Kelsie’s life revolves around her family (to include two dogs and a cat) and most of the time, actually all of the time, it’s a crazy mess—but that’s the way she loves it! When Kelsie’s not writing, you can usually find her snuggling on the couch with her kids and a good book or out on the lake with family and friends. Kelsie is not a morning person, has a soft spot for animals, loves musicals, hates seafood, and thinks laundry is the source of all evil.