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Talking Between Reads (TBR): To Review, or NOT Review

TBR Talking Between Reads (TBR) is a weekly discussion post where we talk about different topics from books to blogging and anything else we think you guys might enjoy. Stop by on Mondays for new topics.  


Do you review EVERY book you read?

Should you?


Between two posts last month; Jonetta's TBR, Are You Still in Reading “Love” These Days? and Carmel's (Rabid Reads), Question: Do You Ever Feel Like NOT Reading? had me to thinking. Have I ever truly been in a READING funk or was it more of a REVIEWING funk. And the answer was REVIEWING funk.


Reading just to review is boring and makes me not want to read sometimes. So I've decided that I do not need to review EVERY book I read. ::GASP:: Like others have said in the mentioned posts or in the comments of those posts, if you're reading just to review then it will feel like a job. I have one of those that I get PAID for. I don't get paid to review or blog about books. It's a hobby and one that I want to continue to enjoy.


So when it starts feeling like a job, I pick a book just for me. And I find myself enjoying those books more than a book I'm reviewing. The book itself might not be a 5 star book but the removed pressure of reviewing it makes it more enjoyable.


Another way I've tried to take the pressure off is doing some "Tweet it" reviews where I sum up my thoughts on a book with 140 characters or less. I've not done many and I plan on doing more in the future. Mostly on books I've had on my TBR forever and ones I've purchased or snagged at the library.


Something else I'm going to play with in the near future is doing some series reviews. I'm a big series reader and sometimes it is hard to write a great review on books within a series, especially if it's a long running series with 5 or more books. I have some short series on my TBR pile, I'm talking 4-6 books and the series have ended and I think those would be great series to do a series review post on.


I've talked about this with a blogging buddy before and she said it was a good idea but how will I fill my blog schedule while I reading a whole series. Well as much as I listen to audio books I can easily use those to "fill in" my schedule. But honesty who says you have to post a review EVERY DAY?! With the full time help that Jonetta gives me, I'm not worried about keeping a regular review schedule. In fact most days we manage to post 2 reviews a day. So we could go back to posting 1 review or even 1 review every other day. The world will not end if we don't post 20+ reviews in a month.  


Do you feel the need to review every thing you read?

Is two review posts a day too much?

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