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Talking Between Reads (TBR): Fun With Your TBR Pile




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TBR Pile:

Looking for a fun way to pick your next read?



If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the pictures I’ve posted of my progress. The first time I saw a TBR Jar was on The Book Vixen. I thought it was a great idea. So after I re-organized all my paperbacks into two shelves because I was donating the old TV cabinet that was housing them I decided to finally get around to making my own jar. 


Here’s how my jar turned out:


The books in the jar are purchased or Nook/Kindle freebies. No ARCs or review requests are in the jar.



I color coded my TBR pile so that will I pull a slip from the jar I know where to find the book. 

  • Yellow – Paperback
  • Green – Kindle
  • Orange – Nook

Once I made my lists, I then printed them on color paper. Yes, I’m usually annal about fonts being the same size and such but after making the lists it was 2:00am and I didn’t care at that point.


I created the paperback list from scratch. Then I got lazy and went to my Nook & Kindle accounts online and copy and paste my lists from there. That’s why the size and format doesn’t match. I did reprint my paperback list because I had 4 columns to one sheet and the print was really small so I change it to 2 columns so it would be easier to cut them.



Then after I cut the lists into slips I proceeded to fold them in half twice. And stuff the wide mouth pint size jar. But quickly realized I was going to need a bigger jar. Then I transferred the slips to the Large Clear Glass Jar Chalkboard Front I found at Hobby Lobby (for 50% off, score!). They all fit perfectly and the jar is wide enough that I can easily fit my hand in to pull slips.  

Here’s my jar with a hardcover book for scale.

Width: 6 1/8″
Height: 10 1/4″
Opening Width: 5″


How I will use the TBR Jar:


The rules

  1. I will pick 3 books from the jar each month. If I pick a book that’s not the 1st in the series or the next I need to read in that series I will read the next book in that series according to where I am in the series or start that series with the 1st book. 
  2. The loop whole: If it’s the 1st book in a series and it blows me away I may continue that series before picking another slip from the jar.


When will I start using the jar?

I’m thinking November or December. I kept a small pile of the print books out of the jar that I want to read before the year, so I’m starting with them first. Once I’m finished I’ll start pulling from the jar. Once I start pulling from the jar you can see my progress HERE


How many slips are in the jar?

  • Print – 104
  • Nook – 145 
  • Kindle – 36



Wondering what’s in my TBR jar?

Check out my Goodreads Shelf or my Pinterest Board.